• Our Tube Series light systems are designed to mount to any round metal tubing inside or outside your vehicle.  The new Tube Series is available in 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch sections. Choose from changeable RGB LEDs, red for interior and camp site lighting, amber for fog lights, white for some additional light wherever you need it, and XHP White for high power white spotlights! Our patented new technology allows the use of high quality and high power LEDs while using the surface metal available as a heatsink to manage all LED temperatures.  The entire system is completely sealed waterproof and submersible.  Want tube lights on your bumper? No problem. All the Tube Series light modules are impact resistant and will stand up to push another vehicle with them mounted you your bumper!  They come standard with a flat enamel coating, but the tube series lights are also available in rubberized truck bed liner coating as well.  All Tube Series lights are made to order and sold individually. There is currently a 2-4 week lead time to shipping on all Tube Series light systems.

    Tube Series Light Systems