Why Armor Light?

Armor Light Co Since 2016

As avid off road enthusiasts, we have always been looking for the best ways to modify our vehicles for optimal performance both on and off road.  The one area that continually came up short was the roof lighting systems  on the current market.  After trying every light bar out there, we decided that there was a better way.  Introduce the Armor light Co off road truck lights!

The Roofing Problem

Before today you have had two options for roof lighting systems on your truck, The led light bar, and spot light systems.  Both do their job very well in may ways, but they come up short in style and on road performance.  Each set up has massive impacts on your gas mileage while driving on the road from the poor aerodynamic profile (1-4 mpg loss in fuel efficiency). In addition, they generate significant wind noise while driving. And, of course, they require the one thing none of us want to do...drill holes into major drainage areas or the roof of your vehicle.  This leads to the need for professional installation, or running the risk of having a truck that leaks.

Armor Light Co Solution

We have developed a Patent Pending system that aims to address every aspect of the problem all in an aggressive, streamlined package.  Our off road truck lights are LED enclosure systems that do not impact your gas mileage, do not generate wind noise, and are developed to provide the same look without any of the drawbacks of previously available lighting systems.  We use additive manufacturing to be able to accurately produce each of our lighting systems to perfectly fit the roof profile of your truck.  We use computational fluid dynamic simulations to develop the most aerodynamic LED Light Pod System as possible.  Best of all, the installation of our system is non-destructive, and completely removable with zero damage to your vehicle.  The easy installation takes less than 2 - Hours for the mechanical novice, with only a few basic tools!